Inventalator Basics

Here you'll get the 101 on Inventalator and learn how to start engaging with the community.

Inventalator Basics - Inventalator 101

What is Inventalator?

Inventalator is a crowdsourced research & development community that connects entrepreneurs, tech consumers, investors, engineers, and companies involved in the product development lifecycle.

Our process helps entrepreneurs validate, develop, and launch technology products and is designed to reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of product development to make it accessible to the individual.

Our vision is to build the assembly line of the 21st Century by empowering entrepreneurs with the tools & resources they need to transform an idea into a market ready solution faster, and more in line with the voice of the customer than current solutions that exist on the market today.

Who is in Inventalator's Community?

Our growing community consists of several different skill sets and personalities that share our vision of making product development accessible.

Our community members come in two flavors, individuals and partner companies. We are bringing together all the different individuals and companies needed to transform ideas into market ready products. This includes:

  • Entrepreneurs & Startups

  • Angel Investors

  • Software Engineers

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Web & Graphic Designers

  • Marketers

  • Lawyers & Attorneys

  • Accountants

Parnter Companies & Organizations
  • Academic Institutions

  • Investment Firms

  • App Development Firms

  • Product Development Firms

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • IP and General Legal Firms

  • Marketing & PR Firms

  • Startup Accelerators

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How Does Inventalator Work?

Inventalator consists of 4 a step process that helps entrepreneurs validate a product market fit, identify weaknesses in their go to market plan, and then automatically provide suggestions and connections to strengthen that plan to build better products and get them to market faster.

Step One: Entrepreneurs, Startups, & Ideators submit products and ideas

Startups can submit any product or idea they are working on that is related to technology. Once you submit your product, you will receive the following:

Our process combines crowd-intelligence, predictive analytics & customer feedback to determine market viability for hardware or software startups at any stage in the product development lifecycle. To learn more about our tools and process, check out our How it Works page.

Step Two: The community votes & leaves feedback on submitted products

Once a product is submitted, our community of investors, entrepreneurs, tech consumers, and engineers leave feedback on it in the form of votes and comments.

Products that receive over 50 votes unlock access to our research and development engine, which consists of tools to help research, develop, and launch their product.

Step Three: Products that receive over 50 votes unlock tools to research, develop, and commercialize their products

Once a product receives 50 votes from the community, they unlock access to the following tools to help them research, develop, and commercialize their products:

  • Go to Market Checklists - These checklists help identify weaknesses in your go to market plan, and then automatically suggest connections and resources to help strengthen that plan.

  • Questions, Polls, and Challenges - Create questions, polls, and challenges to get help from the community, get feedback from your potential or current customers, and leverage crowd intelligence to build your product better, faster, and cheaper.

Step Four: Commercialize Products by Connecting with Our Parnter Network

Once a product has gone through research & development, they have the ability to access a global network of companies that help them take the last steps to get their product to market. Some of these partner companies inclue:

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Marketing & PR Firms

  • Investment Firms

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What Kinds of Products Can I Submit on Inventalator?

Here are some basic guidelines, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

  • Stage of Development - We accept products in all stages of development, from an idea you had on the way home from work all the way to products with manufactured units.

  • Product Industry - All products submitted on Inventalator must be related to technology.

  • Hardware vs. Software - We accept both hardware and software products to be submitted to go through our process.

How to Participate

Products in Evaluation

Participate in Inventalator's crowdsourced evaluation process by:

  • Voting for products you like or think have potential to be successful in the market.

  • Leaving feedback on products by asking questions about their go to market plan.

  • Following projects to receive updates in your notifications about their progress.

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Products in Research & Development

Participate in Inventalator's crowdsourced research & development process by:

  • Answering questions submitted by entrepreneurs in our community.

  • Taking polls to give your opinion about an entrepreneur's go to market plan.

  • Competing in challenges for cash, discounts, and early access to products in research & development.

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Points & Reputation

Earn points and increase your community reputation for almost everything you do on Inventalator. The top contributors in our community will get early access to our newest features, as well as be first in line for discounts and promotions Inventalator runs.

How to Earn Points & Gain Reputation